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American Wellness in Centerville Indiana carries our full line of products at their store.
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Holistic Healthcare


Health and Wellness

Amish Health and Wellness has partnered with a community health and wellness center, American Wellness, that offers a vast array of health promotion and disease prevention services. This collaboration is a joint effort to encompass the medical perspective with a holistic health approach to utilize our high-quality hemp products for the greater good.

At Amish Health and Wellness, we believe it is greatly beneficial to bring this medical expertise to our product line. Utilizing the natural medical expert’s guidance will enable us to promote optimal health and wellness for our clients. Visit the American Wellness website to learn more about their array of services.

American Wellness owner and Nurse Practitioner has been traveling to assess the quality of products. She has been assessing the natural process of seed to oil nature made products. Her travels is our way of ensuring the product is natural and made without harmful chemicals or other unnecessary additives.
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Owner of American Wellness

Gina Goodman

Gina is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 24 years experience in the medical field. As a Registered Nurse she worked in ICU, Trauma Emergency Medicine, Dialysis, and medical consulting with child protection.

As a Nurse Practitioner she is trained in Family Medicine but has
speciality training in Rheumatology and Dermatology. She is also trained in Naturopathy.

Gina was raised in Centerville,Indiana and is compassionate about bringing holistic health and wellness to her community. She has a passion for natural treatments that she feels are blessingings placed on earth. She embraces holistic medicine allowing her training but most importantly her faith to guide her to help others.


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